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A Nom Life Night Out

Ever wonder how the Nom Life duo gets down? Here’s what our ideal night on the town looks like.

Jeromy likes to fit in a light work out to get the metabolism going (in anticipation of that evenings over-indulgence). I don’t. I like to lay around the apartment for an hour or so while he works out; dilly-dally, starting the process of trying on 10 different outfits, asking Jeromy what outfit he likes and then ignoring his opinion to put the first outfit I had back on.

We’ll start the night out with cocktails at Curio, as to feel fancy for a little bit. Then, we’ll try to make up for spending $24 on drinks by eating $4 burgers at Club 185 down the street. Drinks here are relatively cheap, so we’re basically saving money at that point. Once sufficiently full and boozed up, we’ll head to 16 bit arcade. Here, Jeromy will inevitably beat me at all of the games as I get mad and pout. If we need a snack, we’ll grab some hot dogs at Dirty Frank’s or some tacos and margaritas at El Camino Inn.

Next we’ll head down to Oddfellows in the Short North to meet friends, hang out and probably grab a slice of Mikey’s. Around the 1:30am mark, Jeromy will get hit with the sudden urge to sing karaoke and persuade everyone else to come along. We’ll head to The Voice Karaoke bar near OSU campus and grab a private room. It’s more fun if you bring a bunch of people from the bar with you because more voices will drown out the low quality of singing. The owners always hook it up with some light snacks (and Henny shots) too.

When they boot us out at 2:30am, we’ll grab a ride to Tee Jaye’s Diner in Clintonville for some late night grub. Everything gets hazy from here, but if you can remember, try to chug plenty of water to avoid a hangover. Pass out in the car on the ride home and stumble to your front door. Make sure to take off your shoes before going to bed…on the floor.

Who are we, why are we here, what are we doing? These are all great questions, aptly answered by The Killers in the lyrics, “Are we humans or we dancers?” I would say Jeromy is both, and I am only human because my dancing ability is quite terrible. Jeromy and I like to think of ourselves as the dashing duo known as Nom Life; but really, we’re just two people who love food as much as Betty Crocker loves cake. Maybe even more…