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It’s Halloweekend which means it’s time to throw together that last minute costume for your spooktacular shindig. We’ve rounded up some dope last minute DIYable ideas.

Sam & Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom

This is amongst my all time favorite couple’s costumes, and it probably will be yours too if you’re a Wes Anderson fan. Both Keiko Lynn and Liz from Say Yes have done beautiful renditions of this one.


This is one of 4 easy iron on costumes by Brittany from The House That Lars Build. Just grab a black dress or jumpsuit and adorn it with iron on stars! Easy as pie.

Brawny Man or Marty McFly

If you’ve got blue jeans and a flannel, you automatically have several options. These are two of the best, courtesy of Brit + Co.

Lisa Frank Characters

Dressing up in a rainbow of colors is foolproof fun– also, why isn’t this a more popular costume?! You can achieve one of these looks with some basic clothing items + some multi colored felt pieces. For the best effect, go as a group!

Prince & David Bowie

This David Bowie and Prince couple’s costume from Brit + Co is everything. No better way to pay tribute to two magnificent icons. Hopefully you own something metallic– other than that, you just need some duct tape and a few other odds and ends you can probably find at the thrift store.

Header photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash