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“To have great ideas, you have to have different people in the room,” Creative Control Fest (CCF) co-founder Corey Favor tells us during a recent interview. “That’s what CCF is all about.”

Discussions of diversity have become the norm in many industries, with several large companies adopting diversity and inclusion training programs or staff dedicated exclusively to the cause. However, many professional spaces still remain quite homogeneous.

As young creative professionals, Favor and his co-founder Marshall Shorts Jr. attended numerous conferences where there were very few other people of color in attendance. It was this experience of “being in other spaces and not seeing anyone that looked like [them],” according to Favor, that inspired the duo to launch Creative Control Fest six years ago.

Creative Control Fest is an annual “confest” (conference + festival) aimed at fostering diversity and empowering creatives of color through workshops, networking, conversations, lectures, and more.

“It was important for us to contribute to the creative community, but also to be ourselves,” Favor explains.

In addition to offering community connections and resources for attendees, CCF is also about highlighting the creatives of color already working within these industries. There are companies that look to Favor and Shorts Jr., and the community they have built around CCF, when they’re trying to find talented creatives of color to hire.

CCF recently opened up a job board on their website, along with a blog and email newsletter, in the hopes of continuing to foster impact and create opportunities beyond the 3 day event.

“We can be that conduit,” Favor says emphatically. “We want to let people know that there are a lot of people out there that can diversify your team, so use us as a resource.”

Creative Control Fest 2017 is already underway, but most events are tonight and tomorrow (9/8-9/9). Check out the full schedule here. CCF is an inclusive space open to people of all ethnicities and backgrounds.  

Interested in the job board? You can post a job listing here, or browse listings here, after creating an account.