Eat + Drink


These are the noods you actually want to be getting.

Pho Asian Noodle House and Grill aka Taco Pho

There are two types of Asian restaurants. One features a giant fish tank and a 3D moving image of the Great Wall; the other doesn’t give a f*ck and the various menus plastered on the walls count as decoration. Taco Pho is the latter. Pho Asian Noodle House and Grill, or as we lovingly refer to it — Taco Pho — was once a Taco Bell. This is evident by the Taco Bell shape of the building and the drive through that they continue to utilize. T. Pho offers all types Chinese and Vietnamese food at a cheap price and full of great flavor. It’s also super speedy, so if you’re real hangry or have the munchies, you won’t have to wait long.

Must try item: #45 Pho Dac Biet & #51 Roast Duck Noodle Soup

Huong Vietnamese Restaurant

Huong has been around forever; you can tell by the old VHS concerts they play on the small TV in the back. The oldest restaurants are the most legit. This is evident in Huong’s pho broth. This place is the ultimate hangover cure because a good bowl of pho can bring you back from the dead. Huong’s packs up quickly on the weekend so make sure you get there and grab a lace-covered table by the window before the lunch rush. Don’t forget to admire the interesting fish decorations on the wall.

Must try item: #2 Goi Cuon Tom Thit & #20 Pho Dac Biet

For great pho, also check out: Mi Li’s, Tot Vietnamnoms, Indochine

Lucky Dragon:

This is our annual post-NYE tradition. Go into Lucky Dragon looking like the Gollum thing from Lord of the Rings reeking of alcohol, order a large bowl of Hong Kong Wonton Soup (with the tasty BBQ pork), burn mouth from eating it too quickly, heal from the soup and become a human being again. They are also very generous with their drink pours if you’re trying to get crunk at dinner.

Must try item: HK wonton soup, shrimp sauce ong choy, stir-fried shrimp & egg


We go to Tensuke at least once a week. If you haven’t seen us post about it in a while, you can probably assume we are dead. You’d be remiss to go to Tensuke and not grab a bowl of udon or ramen with a variety of toppings. We love the pork katsu or the tempura shrimp. Pro tip: take your crispy meat out of the soup while you are eating it so it doesn’t get soggy.

Must try item: Udon, ramen, curry, a la carte sushi

Chinese Beef Noodle Soup:

The aptly named Chinese Beef Noodle Soup restaurant serves a great beef noodle soup. This broth warms you up on those chilly Ohio night when you don’t have a boo (or if you’re boo has really cold feet and keeps trying to touch you with them under the blankets). Not speaking from experience or anything… Plus, they’re on Uber Eats.

Must try item: you’re kidding, right?


These tasty noodles from Aromaku are a great accompaniment to Seventh Son (when the truck is there). This is the food that you didn’t even know was missing from your life. The minced pork, slight kick from the noodles and crunchy spring rolls will even make the resident Cat Manager at Seventh Son jealous (he may come to inspect your food). These guys are also on Uber Eats for your lazy days.

Must try item: Bakmi Ayam & Lumpia Sayur



Arirang Oriental Market:

Tucked in the back of a Korean grocery store is this little restaurant. It’s like going to your friend’s house but then being asked to pay for the meal at the end. The dishes are cheap and tasty plus, Korean food comes with bon chon, which are small snacks prior to the meal. The bon chon is always a good mix of whatever they feel like serving for the day — hopefully you get some fish cake when you go. Their spicy soups will clear whatever is ailing you that day.

Must try item: Spicy Pork Hot Pot, Korean style rice roll

For Korean, also check out: Lotte’s Grocery


Bangkok Grocery & Restaurant:

When you are looking to grocery shop, fix your jewelry and grab a nice hot meal—look no further than Bangkok Grocery & Restaurant. Your quintessential one stop shop, this restaurant has authentic Thai & Chinese Food. Caution to the weak, even the regular level of spice is HOT here. Even when it’s burning though, it’s still amazingly delicious. Their glass noodles are packed with flavor and spice. Don’t worry, you can ask for no spice or low spice, we won’t judge you…too much.

Must try item: Pad See Ew, Papaya Salad



Fukuryu Ramen:

A famous ramen spot from Australia that landed over the ocean to Columbus, this joint specializes in 7 main different types of ramen. While ramen can be a pretty tricky food to pull off, we enjoy this spot for their perfectly cooked eggs, fried chicken (karage) and friendly service. They’ve also got some great soft serve for when you’ve saved room for dessert after all that steamy ramen.

Must try item: Tonkotsu ramen, Chicken Curry, Japanese Fried Chicken Rice Bowl, and ice cream

For ramen, also check out: Menya, Meisheiko