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Columbus’ Most Outstanding Sandwiches (a List of Pure Opinions)

Apparently it is National Sandwich Day, which we absolutely did not know was a thing until this morning. But now that we know, we have lots of opinions on the matter.  Here’s our roundup of outstanding sandwiches, or “outstandwiches” if you will, in Columbus.

The Chickens

Challah Crispy Chicken  There is no conversation about sandwiches in Columbus that doesn’t start (and sometimes just end right there) with Catie Randazzo’s chicken perfection. Chicken, onions, house made pickles, Challah bun, no bullshit.

Deli Boys Chicken Philly The bread makes these bad boys top notch, chicken is a nice twist on a traditional philly, plus there’s jalapeños for a little kick. Nothing to not like.

Rockmill Tavern’s Chicken Sandwich This is a spicy chicken chicken sandwich made with Gerber chicken and topped with some sort of bewitching spicy honey butter. It ain’t cheap, but it’s worth it.

The Beefs

Tip Top’s Blue Ribbon Pot Roast Sandwich A Columbus classic. This one follows the “keep it simple, stupid” rule. Pretzel bun, savory slow-cooked pot roast, Swiss cheese.

The Sycamore’s Ohio Beef Cheeks This is barely a sandwich. But holy lord… It’s like if the classic blueplate diner special open-faced roast beef and some fancy poutine had a baby. Bread, fries, beef cheeks, gravy, cheese curds. Overwhelming. 

Little Palace Slider This is a delicious little unpretentious slider. It is greasy, there are pickles. Do you need more information? (Look, this isn’t a contest about the best burger in the city. This is a nice beef sandwich.)

The Others

Cafe Brioso’s Veggie Delight (with modifications) Since we’re talking about opinions, I’m gonna stick some of mine in here. Get this bad boy with 2 modifications: 1. ask for foccacia instead of wheat. 2. make mozz your cheese. You will have to unhinge your jaw to take a bite, but it will be worth it.

Philco Breakfast Biscuit  There’s something about the chorizo on this bad boy that makes it unforgettable. Plus it has “shallot preserves.” Fancy.

Press Grill Salmon Sandwich This is a simple go-to. Great grill flavor on yer salmon filet, mixed greens, buttery toasted bread. If you’re big league, then get it with the balsamic, blue cheese and strawberry salad as the side and then put some of that right on top.

Photo by Diego Duarte Cereceda on Unsplash

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