Here’s What 1300 Local Seniors Want for Christmas

When you think about your Christmas list, odds are it has just one or two tech or fashion items that are a little too extravagant to justify buying for yourself. There may be some useful things that you get each year, like underwear or socks, or maybe gift cards to pamper yourself… But when Besa’s Adopt-A-Senior holiday list came out on Wednesday, the items requested told a larger story about Columbus’ needy senior community.

Besa’s Executive Director Matthew Goldstein said “without these Secret Santas, many seniors would not receive holiday gifts. Their requests are humbling and beautiful—as is this entire program.”

  • Sondra is requesting a phone charger. She lives in an apartment by herself and enjoys talking with friends/family over her cell phone. Her charger is short and doesn’t reach her chair. Would be helpful to have a long charger so she can sit and talk more freely.
  • Phyllis has a dog named Conrad and he is her pride and joy. Phyllis and Conrad support each other everyday. She would like Conrad to have enough food and a dog bed to sleep on. Phyllis would also like a fuzzy blanket to cozy up next to Conrad.
  • Mary’s husband of 62 years passed away earlier this year and she has been looking for a hobby to keep her busy during the day. She likes to watch Bob Ross and is looking forward to painting along with him. She’s requesting a beginner’s paint set.
  • Opal would like a Bible and a cake pan to bake a cake for her grandson. But the Bible is first priority.
  • Wyoma loves doing puzzles and prefers them to be over 1000 pieces. She doesn’t have a preference for what the picture is, but she loves a challenge!

Many seniors on the list need help purchasing very basic items like toilet paper and dish soap, which most of us would never consider a holiday gift so much as a daily necessity.

It took all of 24 hours for every single senior on the list to be adopted and the local participants will spend more than $60,000 fulfilling the wishes of the seniors this year.  But there is still time to be involved by purchasing some of the “stocking stuffer” essentials. Check out the Amazon Wish List here or get involved at

Photo from Besa’s Facebook page.

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