Franklinton - Flooded Again

Hopes and Fears for Franklinton Ahead of the Community Conversation

As we explore the Franklinton community, with a documentary film and an ongoing series of articles, we’ve learned a lot about the opportunities and the issues facing the neighborhood. Our mission through all of this work has been to share the stories from all of the stakeholders involved and open up this conversation among the community.

The social conversations created around this work have been inspiring.

We’ve collected a few of the comments that best capture the overall sentiment from the community. And now we invite you to take these feelings outside of Facebook and into the real world by joining us at Strongwater Tuesday night November 14th at 5:30 for a Community Conversation.

Overall, there is a thirst from the community to explore this topic more and to know how businesses and residents are working together to build the neighborhood.

There’s an understanding that the new development will help the neighborhood grow and prosper. The community has excitement for this future growth.

Along with the excitement is anxiety about the neighborhood’s future. Residents want to make sure that the growth in Franklinton doesn’t happen without them. They want to be incorporated into the process.

People want to make sure that the improvements in the area don’t run out local, sometimes low-income residents. They want to have a say in the development process and insure that there is still room for affordable housing options.

We found similar sentiments when we constructed our Franklinton Wishing Tree at Independent’s Day this summer.

What do you think about the growth of Franklinton? Join us at Strongwater this coming Tuesday to hear your voice heard and be a part of the process.


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