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How To Eat Like a Game of Thrones Character in Columbus

Part of the fun of my Eating Books shtick is exploring aspects of literature that aren’t typically of the academic pursuit, namely the food. While my primary focus is bringing fictional food to life, in this column I’d love to examine Columbus through a literary lens. My latest obsession has been the Song of Ice & Fire series by George R. R. Martin, which I devoured as a way of satiating my Game of Thrones withdrawal. Now that winter has come, I am at the height of nerddom. So without further ado, here are my tips for eating like a Westerosi in Columbus.

Pattycake Bakery

Lemon cupcakes

Lemon cakes are Sansa Stark’s greatest guilty pleasure. Pattycake Bakery offers a variety of vegan delights, including their Lovely Lemon cupcakes. These large, fluffy cupcakes are topped with a zesty and sweet lemon icing, perfect for nibbling as you plot your course to seize the Iron Throne.

The Pint House

Beer battered chicken tenders & ale

The Hound is always on the prowl for his next meal and noshing on everything from pigs’ feet to rabbit stew, but he’s mostly associated with brawling for chicken (a perfectly reasonable past time.) The Pint House’s beer battered chicken tenders are certainly worth dying for. Wash it all down with a glass of stolen ale.

The Toast Bar


The actor who plays Hot Pie recently opened a Game of Thrones inspired bakery in London called “You Know Nothing John Dough” (a missed opportunity to call it “Hot Pie’s Hot Pies”) where you can actually purchase his famous dire wolf bread. In Columbus you can find similarly decadent loaves at The Toast Bar, courtesy of Dan the Baker. Almond croissants, apple cider glazed cinnamon rolls, slices of fresh bread with spreads of jam and butter. Dan’s baked goods rival Hot Pie’s any day.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Direwolf beer and wine

From Dornish reds to Arbor Gold, wine is the drink of choice from the Red Keep to Highgarden. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing satisfies not only your wine requirement, but the aptly titled Dire Wolf beer is a can’t-miss for any fan. Try Dire Wolf’s Russian Imperial Stout, Coco Joy or Coffee Joy on tap. Trust me. I drink and I know things.

Rebecca Ritchey writes about food and literature at She works in marketing and is consistently covered in cat hair. Find her as @eatingb00ks on both Twitter and Instagram.