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Hyperloop Is Going To Break Our Hearts Columbus

I am going to save you the disappointment and multi-year waiting period of angst and false hope. The hyperloop from Pittsburgh to Chicago isn’t going to happen.

I wish it was, but it’s not going to.

Here in the ‘mid east’ rust belt we like to remind ourselves of the  good old days of the auto industry.  We spent so many years protecting it by building roads, bridges, parking lots and other infrastructure that is pretty inefficient.

Trains? Nope. Hyperloops? Sounds too fast for us.  Maybe I’m wrong, hopefully I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

When I look at the list of proposed hyperloop locations (below), what I see is a bunch of much more highly-populated places that will take precedent.  Maybe I’m cynical, but it also looks like there is a strategic coverage of  places around the world to create buzz.  

  • US Dallas-Laredo-Houston (Texas)
  • US Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo (Colorado)
  • US Miami-Orlando (Florida)
  • India Bengaluru-Chennai
  • India Mumbai-Chennai
  • UK Edinburgh-London
  • UK Glasgow-Liverpool
  • Mexico Mexico City-Guadalajara
  • Canada Toronto-Montreal

I hope this serves as a reverse jinx and we end up with the hyperloop.  If not, we’ll keep hoping for some more transportation dreams.


MORPC plans are here for reference.

Photo Credit to Front Office News

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