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Must Have Baby Registry Items

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I’m having a baby. So now there are all these new questions popping up that I have to answer. Or at least pretend to have answers for… or just try to calm myself down enough to sleep at night. I figured since I’ve got this new local publication, I might as well use it as a platform for asking those questions to people who might really have some answers. So here we go, welcome to New to This: A Parenting Series

Must Have Baby Registry Items

Because you don’t know what you don’t know…  I asked all the recent parents I know what their number one baby registry item was. Here are the results:

1. Waterproof your nights with mattress covers.

“Multiple waterproof crib mattress covers- they get soaked through in middle of the night and much easier to put Humpty Dumpty back together again when you have a backup.”


2. Protect ya neck… (from spit up) with burp cloths and bibs.

“Silicone bibs!! Super easy to clean once they start solid foods.”

“Burp cloths, so so many”


3. Avoid crawling on the floor by investing in a white noise machine.

“Also white noise machine so you don’t have to creep through your house when your baby sleeps. I recommend Dohm’s. Works great.”

“I second Molly. I’d recommend a white noise machine. Our Dohms one is great.”

*An alternative pro-tip I got from several parents was to just download a white noise app and play it on an iPad in the room.


4. Everyone. Said. Boppy Pillow.

“Boppy infant lounger pillow. A life saver!”

“The Boppy pillow is amazing!”

Boppy Pillow with a few covers! Best thing ever!!

Boppy pillow with two covers


5. And some more things to hold your baby for you.

“Baby K’tan was the easiest to use for Baby carrying!”

“Ergo baby carrier”


6. And some things to put your baby to sleep…or at least try.  

“We didn’t use a bassinet; subbed for the Rock-N-Play.”

“A Rock and play. Liam slept in one for the first 3 months.”

“Swaddles, sleep sacks, sound machine…everything associated with good sleeping.”


7. Sweet outfits. 

“Baby pjs is something I could never get enough of!”

“Ask for clothes beyond 6 months…everyone will get newborn outfits.”


8. Various tools for keeping noses cleared out 

“Cool mist humidifier. Stuffed baby noses are the devil”

“Speaking in stuffy noses, the nose freida is amazing!”


All photos from Awkward Family Photos. Header image by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash.

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