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Snoozed on a Costume? Here are 5 Last Minute DIY Halloween Ideas

It’s Halloweekend which means it’s time to throw together that last minute costume for your spooktacular shindig. We’ve rounded up some dope last minute DIYable ideas.

Sam & Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom

This is amongst my all time favorite couple’s costumes, and it probably will be yours too if you’re a Wes Anderson fan. Both Keiko Lynn and Liz from Say Yes have done beautiful renditions of this one.


This is one of 4 easy iron on costumes by Brittany from The House That Lars Build. Just grab a black dress or jumpsuit and adorn it with iron on stars! Easy as pie.

Brawny Man or Marty McFly

If you’ve got blue jeans and a flannel, you automatically have several options. These are two of the best, courtesy of Brit + Co.

Lisa Frank Characters

Dressing up in a rainbow of colors is foolproof fun– also, why isn’t this a more popular costume?! You can achieve one of these looks with some basic clothing items + some multi colored felt pieces. For the best effect, go as a group!

Prince & David Bowie

This David Bowie and Prince couple’s costume from Brit + Co is everything. No better way to pay tribute to two magnificent icons. Hopefully you own something metallic– other than that, you just need some duct tape and a few other odds and ends you can probably find at the thrift store.

Header photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

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