Franklinton - Flooded Again

We Set up a Wishing Tree in Franklinton. Here’s What we Learned.

Based on the  overwhelming response to our Flooded Again documentary feature, and in line with our continued quest to uncover the stories of Franklinton, we decided to set up a community listening project at Independents’ Day Festival over this past weekend. We called it The Franklinton Wishing Tree. The results are in: 476 people wrote their hopes, dreams, fears and wishes onto tags and tied them to our tree.

Our prompt asked for thoughts on the development of Fraklinton, and while we got lots of general wishes (like the child who wanted a puppy dispenser), we also got some really great feedback about the neighborhood and its trajectory. Here’s a taste of the sentiment we collected.

Residents are hopeful that Franklinton will maintain its urban, artistic, eclectic feel. Here’s a look at some of the tags that addressed hopes for neighborhood atmosphere.

They want more natural spaces and green initiatives, like urban farming and gardening.

They fear corporate takeover and love independent taco joints.

They’re hopeful that the artistic community will continue to have a presence in the area.

Some tags addressed the deep history of the neighborhood or specific communities with an interest in building or preserving their footprint in the area.

KTC is a Columbus Buddhist organization, several tags on the tree mentioned this organization by name. Station 67 is a historical building on Broad St. (we’ve written about it before).

In general we found both enthusiasm and reticence for the development. There is definitely some excitement for the growth….

But overwhelmingly the worry was that the current residents would be displaced by this development because of rising cost of living. Gentrification was another big one… we’ve written about that topic too.

If nothing else, we’ve got lots of concerned, hopeful citizens with big ideas for the future of Franklinton…

What are your hopes and fears for the Franklinton neighborhood? Tell us in the comments.

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